Juris Prudence For the Citizens of MFEADK Swahili State Province Iguana City Brooklyn New York, Rep.

(Mansa Faroni El Ae Duwali Khemet) Swahili State Republic, USA, North America, North West Amexem, North West Africa, Brooklyn, New York, Republic

National Language: Kiswahanglish

Population: 20,000

In theory what if I had my own city to govern and people to lead what would it be what would I call it where would it be located, I couldn't think of any other place than right at home where iv always been.

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Swahili State is the first all black state in America. It starts off as a state of mind. I would say what state your in and you would reply "Swahili State", not New York State. I would say what city your in and you would respond "Iguana City". It all starts with the mind, what people allow to be there truth and reality. The power is in the people, all power to the people.

In this map you can see where Swahili State Iguana City is located.

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This is what an uncolonized mind can do think outside the box and create a city to protect its people build and grow.