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Have you all been listening to the Nick Cannon vs Eminem beef. At the height of the president being impeached, Nick Cannon is calling out racism from inside-out of America and he is starting with the hip hop culture. Addressing the hijacking of American culture by colonial europeans and how there racism has been suppressed and hidden from the masses. In the most recent diss track "The Invitation Canceled" you hear Eminem talking trash about American Women with lyrics that say "black girls are b*%#$es, black girls are dumb" - Eminem. Well we all know that Eminem had to apologize to his mother for disrespecting; I wonder what he has to say and respond to this diss track.

             The caucasian rapper has been responding by disrespecting Nick Cannon's spouse Mariah Carey, and having some of his quote unquote "indentured slaves / house negro's" get on the track to clap back at Cannons battle material. Cannon has even put the infamous legendary Suge Knight on a track coming for Marshal along with an arsenal of rappers that Cannon personally works with.  

           I honestly think that Nick Cannon has this battle in a bag. He is standing up for the culture times 100, he is standing up for the women, he is fight against racism and defending the honor of the women who bore him beautiful children. This shows the testament of a man the will and strength that exemplifies power. The battle even has been the talk of some Brooklyn, New York streets making its way to a convo on the Yanadameen Godcast show on youtube hosted by comedian Godfrey, and rappers  Lord Jamal and Rah Digga. Its the battle that we all needed to witness in hip hop, I think this kind of battle is long over due. Its about time someone stood up to take hip hop back from culture vultures.                

                                                                                                                                                  Author - La Aaron Mealy


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