Healthy Food Blog: Irish Sea Moss

Updated: Oct 28

I first got hip to Irish Sea Moss from doctor Sebi. It is supposed to have 98 minerals of the 102 minerals that the body is made up of. The first time I actually tried it I mistakenlyly tried to make it like a tea. I had boiled some water and then steeped the sea moss in the cup of water and boy was it salty. I did not know that I had to prepare it before I ate it. You actually have to wash all the sea salt off first then let it sit in water for some hours and let it expand. You see the plant is alive and when you put it in water it expands by soaking up the water somewhat like how a root sucks up water for a tree to survive. After it has expanded you then can eat it and reap its benefits.

People prepare sea moss in many different ways. Some make a jelly with it. Some make smoothies with it. I eat it straight up like a snack after it expands. Many Caribbean restaurants have sea moss as a drink on their menu. It is a cultural drink and also, it grows much more plentiful in the waters surrounding the islands off the coast of the American mainland.

It is said to have the ability to help men get a hard on and maintain sexual health and help in the reproduction of life and making babies. Thats one main reason why I like Irish sea moss they say it help you make babies. It was also said that it helped the Irish survive a famine in Ireland.

Funny story; one time I tried to be slick and did a little science experiment; I had washed the sea moss off and soaked it then let it shrink back to is small. While it was still small I tried to eat it like that like a beef jerky type snack and it hurt my stomach. I think that it expanded in my gut since our bodies are 75 percent water. So if you ever try and and eat it without peeping it first then I am telling you from experience yes it would hurt your stomach.

Irish Sea Moss does not really have a bad taste to me. It has more of a texture than a taste. After it expands you can eat it and it would taste like a sil slimy bland wet carrot snack that need salt. I think tastes better with out salt.