I recognize myself as a Moorish American Isrealite. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, April 12 1991.  I went to El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Elementary school. It was right across the street from my mothers apartment on Malcoml X Boulevard in Brooklyn. I went to Boys and Girls High School where I played football for 3 Years. I was a WR, OLB, TE, DE, all special team. I wanted to play College Football and be in the NFL, but that was not gods plans for me.  By gods plans I was directed into another direction. 

          I attended Delaware State University after I graduated Highschool in 2009. In college I did not play football but I did find a talent about myself that replaced my football career; I found out that I could act. We practiced the play for 3-4 weeks and did a 3 day play I got standing ovations and I also was the lead. It changed my life forever. I left college to pursue an acting career back home in New York. Ever since then it as been ups and downs and much adventures and success. Today im am a Member of SAG/AFTRA striving for my big break.